Hello, I’m Melissa Baxter, and welcome to Literary Baxspace. I created this site to express my love for the written word. I have an addiction to reading and devour books left and right.


I freelance edit and you can take advantage of my skills.  Learn all about it at Melissa’s Editing Services. I’ve worked with Twenty or Less Press, which is run by my sister-in-law, Michele Jensen. You can check them out at http://twentyorlesspress.com. Also, I am a content editor for Liquid Silver Books, visit them at www.liquidsilverbooks.com.


In addition, I perform the bookkeeping for my dad’s law firm.  If you need a good lawyer, he is the man for you. Find out more at www.bjensenlaw.com.


I hope you enjoy this site! Come and share your thoughts and love for everything literary!

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